Sunday, February 03, 2008

Damascus in Black & White

Soon i hope i'll be able to catch up on the blog and post some of the work i have shot in the past 2 months. I have traveled to 8 countries in the past 2 months and attended two big film festivals, where we won in both. So life has been a bit busy and crazy. Currently in NYC at a friend's place and i thought i'd upload some pics from my trip to Syria. So this is a photo heavy entry.

This was one of the first shots i made as soon as i arrived to damascus.

The alleyways are beautiful with a little bit of hollywood style wet downs.

Early in the morning in souq al hamidiah, cleaners working hard.

Moving wardrobe through Shami streets.

The road leading to my residence ( Al-Akkad House) had work being done on it.

Boredom was all around.

Reflections of an old building in downtown Damascus.

We headed up to Hama, the hometown of my friend Omar Offendum. Found some Saudis on the road.

Chilling in Hama.

One option for Omar's new album cover. Vespa ad.

Private public phones are the craze in Hama.

A lot of chilling was happening in Hama.

I don't even what he classifies as.
Inside an old house in Damascus. The kid of the family that was living in the house used to write his notes while studied on the wall. You have everything from molecular bio equations to arabic poetry .
The house mentioned above.
We agreed to making pictures of each other.

Product transport.

Something attracted me to shoot this.

"Mc Ragtop " Nizi & Omar Offendum. (L-R) in an old souq in Damascus.

Shutter draging with the leica.

A late night Damascus street.

At the end, i leave you with my most amazing discovery of my trip. Kwang, future owner of the first "Sha3bi" falafel restaurant in Korea.

All Images shot on film, with a Leica m6 and an Eos 1-v, Kodak Tri-x and Neopan 1600.

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Blogger margottt said...

looove the reflection of the building and the damascus pic... i PROMISE i'm gong to do some shooting this spring ;)

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Darren Abate said...

Fantastic street shots! I miss my EOS-1V; I never should have sold it. It was truly a fantastic camera. --Darren

4:48 PM  
Anonymous chris weeks said...

i'm so not used to going to individual blogs anymore. great photos ... then again ... i saw them on your computer! :) hope you're well, brother.

12:04 AM  

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