Saturday, November 19, 2005

Watch "Obsession" Amin Matalqa's latest short


I have been waiting for Amin to give me the green light to post the link for his latest short film, "Obsession." I have been involved in this project in more than one way, on the set i was the boom mic operator for 2 days, and i was also the on set photographer.

The pictures I took that day, lit back that passion i have for photography. After seeing the results, I felt that I had put down my camera for way too long.

I was also ressponsible for doing the compression for the web. Its a "hit and miss" thing, compression. Unless you are an expert in it, people tend to use presets that come with the compression prorgram. That's where I usually start, and start playing around from there. I did numerous versions with different codecs and different rates, and we had a choice between a 24.8 mb mpeg-4 file, and a 28.8mb H.264 quicktime file. The two compressed versions had only 4 mb difference in file size, but the quality on the H.264 compression was way more superior, especially on shots with movement. That is why you would need Quicktime 7 to watch this short. Download here.

As for the film itself, Amin put so much work into perfecting each shot, and making sure the performances on the dot. For those of you who have seen any of Amin's other shorts, you will feel the matalqa touch in this one.

Please enjoy, and feel free to comment on what you think.

Click here to Watch the film


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