Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pictures from my trip to Boston

Here are some street shots from my trip to Boston last week.

Reminded me of a Russian candid camera video i saw

For some reason i am attracted to shadows on cross walks.

Applying the art of street shooting from cars in Boston.

Can't remember if she was putting them on or taking them off.

I hoped that this picture came out right. If you look closely the guy getting the hair cut was reading an x-rated magazine. Amazing.

Slow shutter combined with ND filter creates shots like this.

She was running around freaking out because she thought the dog was lost. Turns out it belongs to the guy who was standing there. She felt embarrassed.

Junk in barrels.

Pizza Cowboy

Old people with cameras :)

Seemed to have the time of their life.

Skating musician.

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