Friday, July 20, 2007

Venice Beach and Hollywood Blvd

Last week i had a chance to hang out and shoot with chris weeks , one of my favorite photographers. His work was my first introduction into street photography about a year ago. Since then my approach and technique has changed immensely. We went to venice beach, and what a trip that was. That is chris shooting with the new leica m8. You can check chris's account of it titled " Views of the carnival". There are similar subjects in both his entry and mine, i think it shows that if you get two street photographers walking together similar stuff catches our attention.

The old couple checking out the Hariskrishan folks after they passed.

The shirt says it all.

The kid's conversation is what caught my eye at first, the shadows are interesting too.

Wonder what he was having for lunch.

On the way back to Hollywood we stopped for a while at a red light, she was writing notes like crazy, it's kinda creepy how she seems to have only one leg

The lady at the bus stop, shot this from the backseat of the car.

Then the bearded man arrives and gets the look. Since we don't have proper bus stops in jordan, people sitting here always catch my attention.

After chris dropped me off i felt i still needed to shoot some more so i walked around the neighborhood. This lady ran away with the shopping cart.

This was one of the better moments of the day. What's he thinking? Nhat said that he is wishing he was 20 years younger :) Nice eye itching disguise.

Everyone is writing a great movie in L.A, or is an actor/waiter.

Tuning in. The hollywood blvd is as interesting as venice beach i have to say.

Night fell and i pushed a roll of tri-x, i really like shooting at night.

I like the movement in this picture for some reason.

The last picture in this long blog post, the shadow, the dangling phone, did he make that last phone call? Film noir style.

I can't wait to shoot more street while i'm in L.A, hopefully i'll upload stuff as i shoot.

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