Thursday, June 18, 2009

Class Act: Ahmad El-Fishawy photos in new issue of Nox

If you are in Amman, Beirut, Dubai or Bahrain, check out my shoot with Egyptian actor Ahmad El-Fishawy. You can read the article online too, but there is only one of the photos on the site.
The photo above is an out take from the shoot.
Shooting these photos was stressful because of all the kids running around and wanting to take a picture with him. I thought that if i took him outside of Cairo i'd be able to take him to the streets and shoot some candid portraits. So we headed out to Saqqara. As we were driving i saw an interesting location on the side of the road and we went down to shoot. The people of the town swarmmed us and eventually i ended up using them as part of the photos. Sometimes you have to adapt.

I'm really happy with the results of the shoot.

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Hi Laith, your work is amazing... can you please send me your number if you're in Amman.
my email is

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