Saturday, March 04, 2006

Appearing on Al-Jazeera's "Open Dialouge"

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Today I was on the set of Al-Jazeera's "Open Dialouge" Show, which for the first time was shot in Los Angeles. I have been helping them set up the show here and did a little bit of rediting for a package they had.

The topic of this episode is the Oscar Nominated Palestinan film "Paradise Now." The guests were Director/Writer Hany Abu-Assad, and actors Qais Al-Nashef and Ali Suleiman.

I also got a chance to speak on the show, so if anyone has access to Al-Jazeera, the show will air tommorow, Saturday the 4th of March at 9pm Amman time. There are a couple of reruns, so if you get a chance watch the show and hear what the maker of "Paradise Now" had to say.

Thanks Ghassan, Tony and Amal for the opportunity.


Blogger Linda said...

how cool! im gonna have my mom tape it so i can watch it!

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Ohoud said...

Nice. Hope Hani was well spoken, when he was featured on BBC with another Israeli speaker, he was a lost case.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Haitham Sabbah said...

Will be looking forward to it tonight...

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Shaden said...

This is great! I'll try to watch it tonight.

4:39 PM  

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