Thursday, September 28, 2006

The last roll from Europe

I developed the last roll of film from my trip to europe, and i found some very pleasant frames.
I was shooting the night before in Paris, so i pushed the film one stop, which limited what i could do the next day in the morning. I kinda hate it when that happens.

Also I finally went down to the streets of amman and shot with my rangefinder, got some nice stuff, but it was a very quick trip downtown. The streets of Amman are so full of life, and its my mission now to capture the beauty of everyday life on celluloid.

As for now, here are some pictures from the last film.

This has to be my favorite picture that I made in this trip. The whole family around an Ibook, enjoying a memory.

It was a sunny day, but this old man had an umbrella around his neck.

A street book show, the pipe caught my attention.

Waiting for the train to the airport.

All images shot with a Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII Range finder. 40mm/1.7, on Ilford Delta 400 +1


Anonymous Anonymous said...

those are amazing shots!
I remember how you were excited you got your hands on a range finder and you wanted to capture some street moments.

The photo at the top
with the Apple family is really great! :D I just wonder if they'd see themselves looking at it on the internet, would they be having the same gathering and smile?! hehe


1:31 AM  
Anonymous lammoush said...


8:16 AM  
Blogger EXzombie said...

amazing shots, I really need to upgrade my camera.....!!!

yeah and by the way, when are you heading back to the US....?!?!

1:23 PM  
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