Friday, March 30, 2007

The craziness that was L.A

I am finally back home in Jordan after 3 weeks of being in the US of A. Its great to sleep on a bed and not a couch, although i have to admit, some of the couches are quite comfy.

Many great things happened while i was in L.A. , i got to see the industry at a totally different level.

Made a lot of pictures, and developed most of them, i have only two more rolls from my last days in NYC.

But for now, here are some more pictures from the trip.

My homage to Henri Cartier Bresson. This was also selected as a Daily Deviation on deviantart by cweeks.

Sunset in Santa Monica

Some lady on Hollywood Blvd.

I first spotted this couple in a display window of a shop, turned out they were being photographed by a photog with a huge lens. I prefer the 35mm i had on the leica, thanks Randy.

I like this.

Spiderman...on a trash can.

This man was giving out discounts to Universal Studios theme park.

Soy Sauce and skateboard

Chimping Couple

A couple at Elon Univesity.

Fighting the force.
Grant parking pay phone.
I also shot portraits of some of my friends. Will post them soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its Khaled Talhouni, don't know if you remember me but we were atABS at the same time.

I've been poking around for your e-mail but can't find it, I just read the script for Abu Raed and was completely amazed. I'd very much like to tell you more about how much I liked script so could you send me an email so I have your email address,

10:23 PM  
Blogger Who's-sane! said...

Very nice pictures and a really interesting blog!

12:17 AM  

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