Friday, March 16, 2007

A week in Elon

I spent the last week in Elon, North Carolina giving a workshop to students at Elon University. I focused on filming sports and editing sport packages and reels. I am amazed to see what the freshmen and sophomores are capable of doing these days. Makes me want to work harder.
It was great to be back at uni, i spoke in a number of classes. I also got to show my work in the photojournalism class, and i think that went quite well.

Randy Piland who teaches that class was very supportive of my work and has given me something to borrow. A 35mm F/2 Summicron lens. Now i can shoot a bit wider with the leica, and i have been testing the lens lately and i have to say i am quite happy with the results.

Here are some frames from my stay at Elon.






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