Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Holga, Two films and Three countries

Every while and then, i venture out to the streets with a Holga camera. The results are always fun and i enjoy shooting it. I've shot two rolls recently and they cover NYC, Amman and Dubai.

Old ladies, white sneakers and a trolley always catch my attention.

So do red bags and huge sunglasses on old ladies.

I love the color in this picture , and the holga soft effect around the center of focus.
Someone caught me shooting...look at the difference between film and digital.
Back in Amman i saw this in front of the office.
Shooting from the car is an art you learn when you live in L.A
Dubai beaches. I wanted to get closer but i chickened out.
This is the guy that cleans the beach.

Is he going to go in or is he an Arab who is afraid of the water?

Simplicity vs. excessiveness
...and to end this post, Japanese tourists in Dubai taking pictures of a white santa on a sled.

All pictures shot with a Holga on Kodak Portra 400 vc 120 film.

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