Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Culture of Al-Karak Series

Since I have lived in Amman all my life ( up until the last 5 yeqars) my parents mad sure from the begining to educate me about my roots, my traditions and my culture. Being originally from Karak ( a city in the south of Jordan) my fascination with what was different between the capital and this city was what brought me closer to my home town. Weekly visits were a must for the longest time. My grand parents, aunt and uncle still live there. In the early years we would go down to the sail ( a stream in the valley) below 3ein sara, and we would make tea using its water. I also remember that the best thing about that tea was the fact that they put lemon tree leaves in it while boiling, giving it an incredible distinct taste. Many people tend not to believe that i was educated at the school i went to due to the way i act and speak, my accent is quite heavy compared to my collegues, and my interest in my background and the culture of Al-Karak prompted me to buy a book while i was back in Jordan called "ملامح من التراث الشعبي في محافظة الكرك" ( Glimpses from the traditonal customs of al-karak) written by Najib Al-Qsous

I will be sharing some of these along the way in order to put out on the web some info on a culture that has started to dissapear, a topic which i have a great interest in .


Anonymous Hareega said...

keep us updated with ur memories from Kerak, it's always wonderful to be there.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Cedar Zureikat said...

Hi Laith,

Nice blog!well I read the Gsous book and it's a very good one.
I would like to advise you to check a book by Faras Dmethan Al Majali السجل المصور للتراث الشعبي الكركي فراس دميثان المجالي منشورات وزارة الثقافة 2002 and did you get a chance to read السياسة والتغير في الكرك الأردن تأليف بيتر جوبسر
These two books are a must have.
You are so lucky your parents tried to keep the links with your roots.
Cedar Zureikat

5:44 PM  

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