Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sundance one

3 days ago i arrived to Utah, to attend the sundance film festival. I was greeted in the airport by the very famous Dr. Jameed, who was very jenrous to pcik me up from the airport and drop me in Park city. After 4 attempts to drive up the icy driveway to the place i am staying at, we gave up and we had to go up walking, i think Jameed's car suffered a bit and it hs given him a warning light since then.

The first film i went to was "Friends With Money" which starts Jennifer Aniston. I really enjoyed the film and thought that it was well made, had some fun moments, and the sundance audience got a taste of my laugh a couple of times.
The cast and the director was there so in terms of celebrity sightings, that was the first one.
Another film which i watched and enjoyed alot was "Special" which is about a guy that believes that he is a superhero. The day also had a number of panels and discussions that dealt around new techonlogies and how it affects films.
On the documentary side of things, " The world according to sesame street" is the first one i have seen, and i left the theatre satisfied. The film deals with the sesame street workshops in Bangladesh, Kosovo and South Africa, and how the sesame street culture has been localized to fit these places.
Not to far away from where i was sitting wa dave mathews, of the dave mathews band, celebrity sighting #2.
The weather is cold and last night we had to find a cab to get back to the house, and it was freezing, i am armored with thermal underpants, wool sweater , jacket, hat and gloves and i still lost the feeling in my hands and feet.
So far the experience has been great, the people i have met in the meetings i got to attend have been great, and the sundance institute have been very genorous and helpful so far.
Today i attend a panel about modern arab filmaking, " The other side of the story" in which Ziad Dweiri ( West Beyrouth) Jocelyne Saab ( Dunia) Hany Abu Assad ( Paradise now) and Sameh Zoabi discuss what is happening in films these days.

I will try to talk more about this later....the shuttle is here and i got to run.
I leave you with the view i have


Anonymous Ali said...

Is Abu Sinno gonna be present at Sundance?

4:11 AM  
Blogger Laith said...

Abu Sinno did make a very quick and brief trip to sundance. But since the pictures that were taken of him include many big celebreties, he has decided not to share them with me.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous rob said...

Wow, I search Global Voices for Jordanian blogs , select this, and see first thing that you came to my home town! Very cool.

8:33 AM  

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