Friday, December 15, 2006

What a week, and finally a day off.

Its been quite a while since i have gotten a day off work. Working as a freelancer and juggling a number of projects means that weekends most of the time don't exist. So for today, i decided i am going to relax at home, catch up on emails, and update my blog with a number of very delayed posts.

The past two weeks have been amazing.

The highlights:

- Participating in a social documentary photography workshop given by Eric Gottesman
My work focused on a the living quarters and possesions of a group of egyptian workers. I will post some of the black and white pictures i made, but will leave the final selections to first be posted on the workshop's website

- Getting two photo essays published in magazines. "Night Moves" is featured in JO's december issue, and its a selction of moments i captured on the last night of Ramadan in downtown Amman. "Restricted View" is featured in the latest issue of NOX. The topic of the shoot was the Faisaly and Whidat football fans that watch the game from spots around the stadium.

-Getting my Leica.

-Getting a msg from Chris Weeks on Deviantart.

- Amin coming back with 40 rolls of B&W film from the states . I was running out.

- Finished a 2 month editing job on " No Shoof Camera" an interesting documentary shot and directed by Jon Steele, produced by the Royal Film Comission.



Blogger Akshay said...

This good news, great to see your work getting noticed.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was "No Shoof Camera" ever finished? I'd like to see it but haven't been able to locate it anywhere.


10:33 AM  

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