Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kratochvil has a new site

As I was browsing through my list of photography blogs i came upon a new online portfolio solution offered by Rob Haggart of , its called and it seems since Rob is a fan of Antonin Kratochvil's work he got to have him as one of his first adapters. Antonin now has a new site which is much better than his older one and his a pleasure to view. In my efforts to blog more and share more about the world of photography that i love, i thought i'd write about Antonin's new site. I got the pleasure of attending a workshop in Spain a couple of years ago that he was conducting and it is one of the reasons i shoot the way i do. He opened up new approaches for me and pushed me to cross the line and work closer to my subjects.
He stressed that one's picture's should be about attitude and that one should not just sell a product but sell the attitude with it too. "Let the audience find their own emotion in the picture, don't dictate, happy or sad. Let them discover, take a journey, have an open picture." is one thing he said that still runs through my head everytime i pick up my camera to shoot.

Look at his pictures, browse the site, and take a journey through the lens of Antonin Kratochvil.
Antonin Kratochvil's new site

Photos by Antonin Kratochvil / Vii

Here are some pictures I have taken of Antonin.

Photos by Laith Al-Majali

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! You have quite the eye to capture the emotions of the scene. I really enjoyed them!

8:10 AM  

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