Thursday, August 28, 2008

My daily companion - The Canon G9

I have owned a Canon G9 since December of last year, and if i ever don't have my Leica on me, the G9 is there...and when i have my leica with me and don't want to carry my dslr the G9 is there. This is a point and shoot digital camera but built with the serious photographer in mind. So as i was going throough my G9 archives i thought i'd post some images from this camera. It's so versatile and fun to shoot, allowing you to play around with different styles and techniques.

The back room of the lab i develop at in Amman.

My friend Lamya, one beirut night.

Lamya and Jackson
Salahedin...Moroccan Rapper. Alphen, Holland
MTV Arabia's HipHopna...Dubai

Istanbul, Turkey
Las Vegas
New York City
The Zipper Factory, NYC.

Amman..shirt says "Break Dance"
London, the day Kosovo got its independence.
A hip hop verse, beirut
Dj Spooky at Sundance, Utah
Shadow play with the director of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Sundance, Utah

Actor Nadim Sawalha, Sundance, Utah
Slingshot hip hop, Sundance, UtahNight Life

Istanbul, Turkey

Mc Ragtop, Omar Offendum and Def Poet Mark Gonzalez, Beirut.
AmmanDamascus, Syria

Manama, Bahrain.

As you can see i have been travelling quite a bit this year and packing my gear has become an art. The pics below show all what i was going to take with me for my shoot in Holland with Salahedin and street photography in Paris. All are packed in two carry on bags, one is the backpack you see..the other is a Naneu Pro shoulder bag.

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