Monday, August 15, 2005


Finally after a dry period of no work, I have a job to wake up to in the morning. I have been assigned to edit a documentary about Arab women who have made it in their respective careers. The focus is on three countries, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, and the plan is to have this done by mid September so that it can be considered for entry into the Dubai Film Festival.

Check the documentary website here

So over the weekend my prep work started, and i have been reading through the transcripts of these interviews, which total up to around 40 hours of footage. What i am really impressed about is the scope of work featured in these interviews, some of these women are ceo's and cio's, some are artists, a film editor, women who work in rural area developmet...etc.

I hope such a documentary gets attention and many women and young girls get to watch it back in the Middle East , because these days girls and even guys need good role models to look up to.

Since i moved to my new place i haven't gotten the chance to sit on my balcony and make use of it, but with the aid of wireless internet here i am on my balcony typing and listining to some wonderfull guitar solos, the hollywood sign to my left up high on a mountain and across of me sits an enormous poster of Resse Weatherspoon and she is looking right at me, it's kinda scary.

Viva L.A.


Blogger jameed said...

wallahi balkontak shikilha shoghol qa3deh w kaset shay

PS role models? my role models are Assi Al Hillani and Abd Al Raouf Al Rawabdeh

7:13 AM  
Blogger Laith said...

wallahi inak ya zalameh heik za3altni minak...ibtakhod zalameh min il shamal ka role model?

ba3dein ana laweish talabt il shay, 3ashan a3teeha jalsat sa7 3al balkoneh

7:40 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Wow that looks like it will be a great documentary to watch. You gotta let us know when its done so we can see it.

say hi to reese for me!

8:13 AM  
Blogger jameed said...

eh, walak 3indak na3rat? let me explain:

Abd Al Raouf has the best physique a member of parliament, a minister, or a prime minister has ever had: karsh and laghaleegh and all. Abd Al Raouf 3aqloh kozouq w bihawesh mhawasheh (regardless if he is wrong). And we have something in common, we are both originally pharmacists. I am growing a karsh nowadays and working on the laghlough (qool inshalla) and hopefully one day I'll become ameen 3amman, the first step into becoming the next ARR.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Laith said... my favorite man in the parliament has to be Jamal il Khreisha...he used to be our neighbor...and he was the one who threw il matakeh 3ala he had such a sal3a...

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Kanadadadadada Dude said...

zalamass a.k.a Dudez - Ya3ny... teeezeee saret 7amra from laughing so hard at this blog.. and that TRIPLE WHOPPER DUDE.. DAMN ! ya3ny.. diet coke kaman?! Lesh m'3azeb nafsso

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