Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Liffi Liffi" a Jordanian comedy short

(At the end of editing Liffi Liffi)

The editing of Amin Matalqa's "Liffi Liffi" is complete and the film has been posted on Amin's website.
This film is rumored to be Amin's last in his series of improvisational comedy shorts, as he plans to dedicate more time for more proffesional and serious filmmaking.
It has been great practice over the past year and a bit , working with amin, dealing with all the small things and details he requests, i have learned a lot, and will continue to do so, in effort of being prepared for the feature film we hope to shoot this summer.
This is the end of my short film collaboration with amin as an editor. Now instead of having to deal with him for a couple of days, i'm going to have to deal with him for a couple of months.
It was interesting to see how we have established an understanding when it comes to cutting, things have moved much faster on this short, and i was able to predict what he was about to suggest a couple of times. Always a good thing.
But anyways, enjoy this crazy short film, which includes a brilliant cast, and carries with it a number of laughs.
You can check out the film here.


Anonymous Abu 7amarneh said...

الله يعطيكو العافية
man,, its a nice, ya


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