Friday, March 31, 2006

Last Week of Rehearsals

In 7 days "Walking the Winds: Arabian Tales" opens, and we are now in our final phase of rehearsals. The days have been very long and tiring, and a lot of exciting things are going to happen in the next few days. Yesterday was the off book mark, meaning that all lines must be memorized. Its interesting to note that i was able to utilize a bit of the gadgets i own to help me memorize my lines and the music. Other than recording the music rehearsals on a digital voice recorder, i would record the dialogue on my computer along with any notes or things i need to remember, and i transfer that to my Ipod. So at any point, whether i am walking down the street or riding a bus, i can memorize the lines that i have. It has been really helpfull.
I have been doing a lot of vocal training, especially for articulation and getting my breathing right.
Today we move into the theatre and leave the rehearsal room behind. Now we will actually get a feel of how the rehearsal space transfers to stage space, how sound travels in the theatre and note the weak spots and places where we need to project our voices even more than normal.
Costumes are in, and I am happy with my Ibn Battutah costume. I got a nice turban and sirwal.
Over the weekend we start tech rehearsals, with lights, sounds and all the magic of theatre.
On the 5th of April, the Jordanian Embassy in Washington is hosting a reception for the cast and crew of the show, so that should be exciting.
The level of anxiety is at its highest right now, and this next week is going to be very hard and every detail is going to be put in.
Yet all of this is going to pay off when we hear the laughs, sighs and applause of the audience on the first night....or thats what i hope.

Al-Ghad's article about the show


Anonymous kinzi said...

Laith, I just got an email from friends in DC who will be attending the show and reception! Niyaalhum, they will greet you from me.

3:45 PM  

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