Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Aliens have landed in Jerash

My attempt at fine art photography :)

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Hip Hop in Amman

Over the past 6 months I have been traveling around the world and documenting the world of Arab Hip Hop. I have been to Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, L.A, Bahrain, and even shot with the palestinian group DAM in Utah at the 2008 Sundance film festival.
Last month i finally started looking at the local scene in Amman and started it out by shooting pictures behind the scenes of MC Maze's first music video. ( The pictures are featured in the current issue of Nox magazine.)
My guide through Ammani hip hop is DJ Sotusura, one of the best DJ's in town. I have been shooting with him at parties in local clubs and private performances. He also owns a hip hop clothing shop in Swefieh and he even DJ's at the shop throughout the day.

This friday The DJ Sotusura Show will take place at Nai and i am excited to shoot it and i'm sure its going to be a really good show. All the elements of Hip Hop are going to be present, MC Ragtop of the Philistines coming all the way from L.A, DJ Sotusura, break dancers, graffiti a violinist and Stevie Soul , a Jordanian beatboxer who lives in Detroit. Tickets are still available but going quick if you want to attend.

Stevie Soul beatboxing
Stevie Soul will also be having a album release party at Nai on the 16th.

Mc Ragtop in Beirut
Mc Ragtop in Damascus
Currently i'm in the process of looking for a little bit of funding to continue the project, i expect it will take me another year or so to finish up the photography for it. By the end of this project i should have shot in about 17 countries.

So far its been really exciting and interesting journey and i look forward to what comes next.

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