Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Solving Famous Conspiracies ( Jordanian Style) Intro

In this new series, I will attempt to explain some of the world's unsolved mysteries and conspiracies, but of course with a pure Jordanian mentality. I am going to use the logic of Il ba7th il Jina'ei ( CSI: Jordan) , in addition to the "know it all" attitude of a grumpy 35 year old Jordanian ( thick moustache, cigarette in mouth, underarm sweat after a long day at a government office.)

Intro: Through the many years, Jordanians have become well known in their abilities to solve complicated crimes and assist many people in finding the true answers to the world's most famous mysteries. Art theft, assassinations, economic fall downs, natural phenomena, alien landings, are all but a fraction of what a simple government employee can solve in a matter of seconds. Through thorough observations and studies, it has become evident that the reason behind these special skills lay in the nutritional structure of the Jordanian body.

Studies carried out in the biochemical hub of Jordan, ( a village called : Mreigha) have proven that Jordanians are great in solving Mysteries because of the mixing of chemical compounds found in "Jameed" ( a form of dry yoghurt) and reactions that build hydrocarbons in a "uncracking process" which is due to the presence of ethylene (ethene) C2H4, propylene (propene) C3H6, and butene C4H8 commonly found in plastic.

You may be asking how Jameed and plastic mix together. At first the researchers thought this was due to the carrying of the dry jameed balls in plastic bags, but that was soon to be dismissed.

After 8 months of extensive research, Dr. Mifleh Il-Sarajdeh, ( PhD In Plan Psychology) concluded that " Jordanians ask for nothing but Baladi (local) meat with their Manasf, and as we all know, sheep found in Jordan tend to eat a lot of green, red and blue plastic bags, thus explaining the traces of those chemicals."

So after giving you this background, my next post in this series is going to get into "Who really killed JFK?"

Monday, July 25, 2005

"Al-Jazeerah" Film min bootolet...

I got to go watch "the Island" last night and i was impressed by this big action movie. More recently i have been wandering away from this genre and trying to get a feel for more foreign films and films with a bit more than just a chase scene. Yet the film i felt was well structured and had excellent design values. A lot of cool gizmo's and a nice look into the future. Ewan Mcgregor wasn't too bad, as well as Scarlet Johanson, who didn't say much in the movie but did her best to look pretty. I was talking to my friend Abu Gar3a about the movie and he mentioned that he was surprised to see a good performance scene in a Michael Bay film, and i have to say that i agree with Abu Gar3a. All over the movie was cool, had an intense chase scene...( better than the one in Bad boys 2) and i didn't feel i was cheated out of my money.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Grave yard shifts

I have been experienceing what we call in the industry here " grave yards shifts" and its basically working from the night to the morning, thus creating a "maglooba" type effect on my body. Nights are days and days are nights, and my curtains do not block the lights ( the added S is for the wazen of the bayt)

This new blog is called " bataranzi" for a reason.....anyone know what batarnzi means?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Change of service

For the past couple of days, i haven't been able to view my old blog due to " exceeded bandwith" which pissed me off. So i have decided that i am going to change my blog to another blog provider. So i hope that this blog would be amore stable, and i hope i can make it a bit more interesting.