Thursday, June 18, 2009

Class Act: Ahmad El-Fishawy photos in new issue of Nox

If you are in Amman, Beirut, Dubai or Bahrain, check out my shoot with Egyptian actor Ahmad El-Fishawy. You can read the article online too, but there is only one of the photos on the site.
The photo above is an out take from the shoot.
Shooting these photos was stressful because of all the kids running around and wanting to take a picture with him. I thought that if i took him outside of Cairo i'd be able to take him to the streets and shoot some candid portraits. So we headed out to Saqqara. As we were driving i saw an interesting location on the side of the road and we went down to shoot. The people of the town swarmmed us and eventually i ended up using them as part of the photos. Sometimes you have to adapt.

I'm really happy with the results of the shoot.

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Photos from a L.A Summer - Week 1

As usual, it takes me months to update the blog, but things have been really busy. I am in L.A at the moment, and i'll be here till August. In May i had a month assignment that went really well, it was quite stressful but fun at the same time. Since i'm back to the land of quick internet, and since i have some time to myself this summer, i'm hoping i can update the blog with many photos shot over the past couple of months.

I'm back to shooting in the streets of L.A and here is a selection of photos from the first 3 rolls of film.

Jaime, Chris's gf when i met them for lunch in Silverlake.

Murphy, Chris's dog, i guess he's my favorite dog.

Chris and Murphy.

Silverlake is becoming one of my favorite places to shoot in L.A

Forgot how many people drive shopping carts around L.A

Chess is becoming a recuring element in many of my shots.

99 cent shot
On a big screen you can see a girl having her photo taken at the bottom of the photo. Would look nice as a print.

Chris Weeks shooting in his neighborhood. We are collaborating on a nice project this summer.

Jeff enjoying L.A ads

L.A greenery

Santa Monica pier is always an interesting place to shoot.
Joanna reacting to an odd dancing man in the distance
Ms. Bateman on the edge
One of my favorite shots of the series, he's got a lollipop in his hand
Benches and Beaches
The Hot Dog Stick lady had a nice attitude to her, made me want to make this frame

More chess on the beach
Reading the L.A times weekend edition

The triple J trio enjoying the weekend in Santa Monica

Another favorite frame, i'm slowly getting used to having the 28mm as my main Leica lens.

I like how the two wheels meet in the middle

Three ladies on the side of the street, back to shooting from cars

More dog shots, i guess this is the most dog i've had in a post

The Flower Dinosaur

Smaller dog than the one before

The girl was just sitting there on the post, i guess she was listening to one of the street performers on the other side

Too many homeless people all around, part of the L.A streetscape i guess

Heading to the beach

The hat is what grabbed my attention, the noticed the tree shadow

Flying rats, at least here they are smaller than the ones in NYC

My first view of the sea

Crossing over the highway
Follow the arrow to exit

Joanna is always in her element

Reminded me of the A-Team
A shot of Joanaa with L.A in the background

Back toward the apartment we stopped to film
Wonder what knowledge Jay was transfering to Jordan.
Summer this year should be good, expect a lot of pictures.

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